About us

Since 1988, Cape Town based Seecor, has been a well-respected supplier of South African built blowmoulding machinery with exports throughout Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and Australia. In 2008 Seecor initiated a partnership with SIKA (Taiwan) and ,through their manufacturing facility in Taichung , now offers a complete portfolio of blowmoulding machinery for any container or technical item.

Further relationships have been developed with other blowmoulding machinery suppliers to allow us to offer technologies such as IBM , SBM, ISBM and Wheels, This means Seecor can now offer the most efficient solution for any blowmoulding requirement.

Seecor also rebuilds and remanufactures machinery and supplies technology components, such as extrusion heads and parison cutting devices as well as automation solutions for downstream equipment.

Machinery offered from our principle suppliers


Extrusion blow moulding – SIKA (Taiwan)

  • Container moulding up to 2000L
  • Technical parts

Wheel extrusion blow moulders – ERMP (France)

  • High output blowing wheels

PET reheat stretch blow moulders – SIDE (Spain)

  • Linear series PET bottle blowers

Low cost stretch blow moulding – Baixing (China)

  • Entry level manual and automatic blowers

Injection blow machinery – Keli (China)

  • For containers up to 500ml

Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machines – Rocheleau

Our major customers